Equity in the Economy

The report “High Cost of Low Wages” (2015) highlighted common-good strategies for creating living wage jobs and removing barriers to employment for women and workers of color. This report was based on interviews with low-wage working women and analysis of prior studies and data on the impacts of public programs on the low-wage workforce.  The report was followed by a well-attended labor-community conference at UO Portland that produced useful dialogue and further public education about the report’s findings.

The University of Oregon Labor Education and Research Center is excited to announce the release of our new report: 
“The Impact on Oregonians of the Rise of Irregular Scheduling.”
The report was coauthored by UO Sociologist Ellen Scott, PSU Economist Mary C. King, and former LERC faculty member, Raahi Reddy. The study reveals the breadth and prevalence of irregular scheduling practices on the nearly 750 Oregonians interviewed.  More…

Other projects will consider best practices for effective use of public investments in economic development to raise living standards for women and workers of color.

For more information on these programs, see upcoming events and course catalog