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In Memoriam:  Steven Deutsch
We are sad to share that Steven Deutsch, who played an instrumental role in establishing LERC and served as its first director, passed away in February at the age of 83.

LERC’s creation stemmed directly from Steven’s vision and persistence in organizing a broad coalition of support that enabled the proposed University of Oregon based center to gain legislative approval.

Steven was a highly respected teacher, scholar, and public intellectual with an international reputation.  He was especially interested in issues of worker participation, occupational safety and health, and technological change.  He held lifelong commitments to human rights and social justice, participating in many movements and organizations throughout his long and distinguished career.

A good and gracious man, Steven retained an abiding loyalty to LERC, the union movement, and the quest for a more just and decent world.  We pledge to honor his memory with our work and a renewed commitment to the values and ideals that he championed throughout his remarkable life.

The Labor Education and Research Center is a state-wide program that combines teaching, research, and public service to improve the lives of Oregon’s workers, their families, and their communities.

We invite you to explore this website to learn more about the variety of classes, services, research, and other resources LERC offers.

A video history of LERC: Celebrating the 40th Anniversary

Learn about your rights in the workplace
Topics include grievance handling, organizing, bargaining, the law, and more.

Research Expertise
Gain new insights from our research on promoting economic equity, contracting of public services, and worker health and safety.

Helping Union Members Learn and Lead
Labor unions network with each other and develop new leadership capacity from our workshops and customized facilitation and strategic planning services.


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