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Workers are at a political and economic crossroads in society amidst a growing wealth gap while unions are under attack. The reality of worker’s rights under siege requires a new form of worker advocacy and renewed activism, which puts the community and workplace at the center of the social and economic fight for racial justice!

September 30, 5–6:15pm
Interrupting Systems of Oppression in our Unions
Sandra Lane and Paris Walker, AFSCME
This training will explore how institutional racism shows up in our society and the labor movement. Participants will identify historical and institutional barriers in our unions to building stronger, inclusive unions that fight for all workers.
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More talks throughout September and October.

We hope you were able to take part in the LERC/Oregon AFL-CIO Summer Speaker Series. We had some insightful speakers and engaging conversations relevant to current events. If you missed them, please follow LERC’s YouTube Channel.  The remaining recorded webinars will be posted as soon as they become available.

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A new LERC and UO Sociology study on the impacts of the first statewide Fair Workweek law finds “Persistent Unpredictability” in Oregon retail, food services, and hospitality workers’ schedules, as employers find ways to continue changing workers’ schedules at the last minute and avoid paying predictability pay.

While the law is a first step in addressing unstable scheduling practices and increases advance notice and ensures workers have the right to rest between shifts, certain provisions, such as the voluntary standby list, leave room for improvement.  MORE …

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