Inclusive Workers Movement

Some of the current educational programs in this area include:

Skills Training: Through both open-enrollment workshops and customized trainings for unions, we offer a wide variety of labor education courses such as steward and bargaining trainings, workers’ rights, strategies for improving worker safety, organizing and motivating members, and building relationships with community and external allies.

Leadership Development: Our leadership development programs feature intensive, small group programs where faculty work with participants on a sustained level for weeks or even months. These skills take time to develop within a union or community organization. We have trainings for both union leadership and for members where they can hone their personal skills as well as cultivate leadership characteristics in others. In addition, our instructors teach at the annual Western Summer Institute for Women, a regional program that promotes leadership among women unionists.

Diversity and Inclusion: Workers are most productive and satisfied when they are valued members of a diverse, respectful, and inclusive work environment. Our faculty offer consultation, curriculum development, and educational programs to help unions foster this productive environment. We also provide trainings on anti-bullying, bias awareness, and tools to attract and retain under-represented minorities and promote inclusion in leadership and staff capacities.