Portland Metro Leadership School

UO Portland • White Stag Building •  70 NW Couch Street

May 12, 2018

Fee: $80
:  8:00 – 8:30

Classes:  8:30 – 4 (includes lunch )
Lodging expenses are the responsibility of participant.

Call 503-412-3721 for more information about the school and information on nearby motels.  


Last day to Register or Cancel May 1, 2018

Class Descriptions

“It Takes a Community”: Building Labor-Community Alliances During Challenging Times
Now more than ever, unions need to develop stronger relationships with community allies and become part of a broader movement for social change.  This workshop will discuss the rationale for establishing labor-community alliances, what it means to be an ally and work with other groups, how to make appeals for community support, and how to create relationships that last.  The class will include guest contributors involved in labor-community efforts and will enhance our understanding of what it takes to build effective labor-community alliances during challenging times.  Professor Bob Bussel, LERC Director

Basic Grievance Handling and Representation Skills
Stewards and other worker-advocates in today’s workplaces need a variety of skills. They need to know how to handle grievances and solve problems effectively with management. They also need the ability to build relationships with diverse co-workers, as well as to develop strategies that promote activism and build unity.  This class will provide technical skills and knowledge for handling disputes under the contract – identifying grievances, investigating and interviewing, and presenting a case to management. We’ll also consider how to involve members in the process and to engage them more actively in worksite problem-solving. We’ll use interactive exercises and group discussion and learn from each other as we share experiences and ideas. Barbara Byrd, LERC Instructor Emerita

Strategic Leadership
This class is designed to help union leaders identify and address some of the challenging issues of leadership.  Participants will engage in a series of small-group exercises along with group discussion and case studies that will provide participants with practical solutions they can use in their unions.  The class will also focus on improving participants’ communications skills, whether in one-on-one situations, before large groups, or speaking to the public about the goals of the union.  There will also be time devoted to tackling some of the personal challenges union leaders face and how to overcome them in a changing culture. David Alexander, LERC Pro Temp Instructor 

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