Jennifer Hess



jhessJennifer Hess is an Associate Research Professor and ergonomist at the Labor Education and Research Center. Her work activities focus on safety and health issues, particularly musculoskeletal injury prevention among construction workers, municipal firefighters and health care workers.

Past studies have focused on evaluation of ergonomic tools designed to decrease low back and wrist injury among carpenters, laborers and masons.  She has an established working relationship with construction owners, contractors, workers, and unions in Oregon and Washington. More recently Hess evaluated several patient transfer techniques performed by home care workers in environments where equipment is not feasible.

Hess teaches and consults on ergonomic issues throughout the Pacific Northwest, and participates in the Oregon Coalition for Healthcare Ergonomics.  She recently developed an 8-hour ergonomics training curriculum for statewide distribution to Fire and EMS departments.

She received her Ph.D. from the University of Oregon in the Department of Human Physiology (2004).  Prior to coming to the University of Oregon, Hess maintained a full time chiropractic practice emphasizing ergonomics, injury prevention and musculoskeletal rehabilitation.

See Curriculum Vitae for publications and activities.

Phone: 541.346.3063