LERC Racial Justice Webinar Series

The Intersection of Racial Justice and Worker Advocacy

Workers are at a political and economic crossroads in society amidst a growing wealth gap while unions are under attack. The reality of worker’s rights under siege requires a new form of worker advocacy and renewed activism, which puts the community and workplace at the center of the social and economic fight for racial justice!

October 21, 5–6:15pm
Toolbox Essentials for Creating Racial Justice
Donna Hammond, IBEW 48
Allies for racial justice in the trades has three domains; (1) Apprentice, (2) Union membership, and (3) Leadership. These domains will help unionists explore the complexities of creating an inclusive culture. We will discuss the internal process of NECA and IBEW Local 48 as an auto ethnography of Donna Hammond’s reflective experience as a Business Representative.

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