This winter will mark the fourth year of LERC’s UO Labor Research Colloquium, which brings together UO faculty, graduate students, and community activists to discuss labor-related research in progress from a wide diversity of disciplinary viewpoints.


The Colloquium is slated to sponsor 3 or 4 talks this year, spread across the winter and spring terms. Each talk is about half an hour, followed by an additional half hour of questions and discussion. The format is intended to be informal and collegial – aimed at helping us think together through key issues in contemporary labor.

Please get in touch if you might be interested in presenting your own work-in-progress at the next lecture series. All graduate students and faculty are encouraged to present your work – don’t be shy! Please email me by DEC 1, 2019 at

Gordon Lafer, PhD, Professor
Labor Education & Research Center
University of Oregon​

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