Gordon Lafer Discusses his Recent Book

The One Percent Solution:
How Corporations are Remaking America One State at a Time

January 18, 2018 • 4:00 pm
Wayne Morse Center Commons Knight Law School

In the aftermath of the 2010 Citizens United decision, it’s become commonplace to note the growing political dominance of a small segment of the economic elite. But what exactly are those members of the elite doing with their newfound influence? The One Percent Solution provides an answer to this question for the first time. Gordon Lafer’s book is a comprehensive account of legislation promoted by the nation’s biggest corporate lobbies across all fifty state legislatures and encompassing a wide range of labor and economic policies. These actors have successfully championed hundreds of new laws that lower wages, eliminate paid sick leave, undo the right to sue over job discrimination, and cut essential public services. Perhaps most importantly, Lafer shows that the corporate legislative agenda has come to endanger the scope of democracy itself.

Gordon Lafer is a political economist and Professor at the UO’s Labor Education
and Research Center. Lafer has served as Senior Policy Advisor for the U.S. House
of Representatives’ Committee on Education and Labor, and has been called to testify as an expert witness before the U.S. Senate, House of Representatives, and multiple state legislatures. He is also a Research Associate with the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), where he has written widely on issues of labor, employment and education policy.

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