40 Years Strong!

In 2017, the Labor Education and Research Center (LERC) will observe its 40th anniversary.  Through an extensive set of collaborations and partnerships, LERC has worked tirelessly to fulfill the public service mission of the university by helping our stakeholders meet the challenges of the twenty-first century economy and the twenty-first century workplace.

Our 30th Anniversary event raised money for the LERC Strategic Action and Research Fund (STAR). Since its creation in 2008, the STAR Fund has supported a “Green Jobs Working Group,” a “Young Workers Organizing Initiative,” “The High Cost of Low Wages,” a widely acclaimed report on low-wage workers, and visits by renowned organizers Saket Soni and Kris Rondeau.  STAR will also support an upcoming conference on racial justice education.

We will soon begin the process of planning events to mark our four decades of service, pausing to celebrate our achievements while affirming our commitment to keep working hard on behalf of working Oregonians.

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