Oregon’s Care Economy: The Case for Public Care Investment

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In January 2017, faculty member Raahi Reddy and researchers from Portland State University and the University of Wisconsin released a new report, Oregon’s Care Economy: The Case for Public Care Investment. The report outlines problems with the current care-giving system, such as rising costs and low wages, and provides evidence of the high economic returns of public care investments.

Oregon's Care Economy ReportHighlights from the report:
— Accessing care for children, seniors and people with disabilities places enormous financial stress on many families in Oregon.
— 70,000 people work in care-giving jobs in Oregon, yet the average care-worker earns just $20,000 per year.
— Demand for care in Oregon is large and growing. Care-giving is among the fastest growing professions in Oregon.
— There is research showing that care investments can promote equity, generate stronger economic growth, and strengthen families and communities. Investments in care can create good jobs that will boost Oregon’s economy.

“Our report makes visible the importance of Oregon’s care economy and we hope it will lead to larger public dialogue on how to make care-work a more viable, valued path to equity in our economy.”   Raahi Reddy, University of Oregon Labor Education and Research Center




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